Automation of manual processes

Almost all manual processes may be automated and thereby productivity and production quality may be increased.

Unlike manual processes, thanks to high precision and repeatability of automated processes it is possible to achieve paramount quality of production. Furthermore, automated workplace allows much higher level of quality inspection of the product as well as the process directly during the course of production. Apart from standard solutions, manual handling may also be replaced with automated handling devices or in case of highly demanding applications with robotic work stations. Handling equipment in the industrial environment is an ideal substitution of ineffective (monotonous) and demanding human labour. Their application brings the increased productivity as well as precision of technological processes and eliminates the risk of damage to human operator´s health. The choice of the type of handling equipment is derived mainly from the weight of the products, required reach, and speed of the movement and precision of positioning. In case of space demanding and very fast handling it is advantageous to use robots instead of constructing a single purpose handling equipment. Robots are suitable mainly for applications requiring high precision, speed, repeatability and flexibility.

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