Assembly semiautomatic and automatic equipment

Assembly machines and lines may be adjusted to manual operation or to full automation. In certain applications also the combination of both methods is possible. Another option it  is to arrange assemblies with a module method which allows the customer later to extend its capacities as well as technical level  based on his current requirements. Individual stations may be linked with a conveyer system or parts may be transferred manually. Based on our experience, we place great emphasis on sufficient testing and debugging of the line before it is installed at the customer. A fully automated assembly line cannot get by without reliable automatic feeding and sorting devices. In this area, we cooperate with renowned producers of vibration and handling elements. Also, work stations with an industrial surveillance system may form a part of automatic and semiautomatic lines. In case of camera sensors and smart cameras, we use products by companies such as Cognex, Keyence, Sick, Balluff and others.

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